We are a small production company that specialises in film and photography. A two-man, multi-skilled crew, we operate a compact yet powerful set-up that makes us ultra-mobile yet capable of capturing great content.

grow your audience

If you’re putting on an event, festival or conference, why limit the experience to those in attendance when you can capture great visual content and connect your event to the whole world? You have the potential to communicate with millions of people, we have the expertise to make it happen through film and photography.

If you’re looking for a skilled, flexible crew that can capture film and photography that shows off your story with beautiful visual imagery, then Wiretone can help.

more about us

We love filming, photographing and editing, no matter what the situation, and can tailor packages to ensure that your event, festival or conference can be promoted far and wide for maximum impact. And yes – we have even been known to do weddings!

Our services have already been secured by some of the biggest names in the entertainment and technology worlds to gather a wide range of film and photographic content where speed and flexibility are key to success.


  • BBC / Wall to Wall
  • Wildscreen
  • Greenpeace
  • Avid
  • Future
  • createdigitalmusic.com